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Oxford - Cambridge Growth Corridor

Wednesday, 24 January 2018 17:34

January 2018

The Oxford-Cambridge Growth Corridor proposal is one of the largest UK proposed infrastructure projects in a generation

The vision is for a corridor of growth connecting Oxford – Milton Keynes – Cambridge, with estimates from the National Infrastructure Commision, (NIC) suggesting that with the right interventions the economic output of the corridor could be £163 billion higher than in 2014 – approximately doubling the expected growth without intervention.

Plans include;

  • New East West Railway
  • New East West motorway
  • 1 million new homes along the corridor by 2050

New report. The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), which has been promoting the Corridor, asked architects 5th Studio to come up with ideas on how to build one million new homes between Oxford and Cambridge. Although the 5th Studio report is not planning policy, or even NIC policy, the case studies and concepts give a clear idea of the way the backers of the Ox-Cam Growth corridor are thinking. It shows the scale and density of development that will be needed to accommodate 1.9 million additional people by 2050

Major growth. 5th Studio identifies three places for large scale development:

  • Aylesbury Vale, Bucks
  • Marston Vale, Bedfordshire
  • Sandy and Biggleswade , Bedfordshire

It plumps for Calvert in north Bucks as a suitable location for a compact city the size of Milton Keynes. It mentions Cheddington Bucks as an alternative or additional site for a city.

Although this project is not due for completion until 2030 – 2050, the sheer scale of the development means that now is the time to be prepared to influence planning in your local area. The Government is inviting stakeholders “from across the region to engage over the next 12 months to turn this high-level vision into a strategy” . The government will respond in full to the National Infrastructure Commission's report, including any formal endorsement of their recommendations within the next 6-12 months.

CPRE Bucks is opposed in principle to such a large scale development in the already overheated South East. However, if it goes ahead we are determined to ensure that development within the corridor in Bucks, maximizes protection of valuable rural landscapes whilst encouraging the creation of thriving sustainable communities. If you would like to know more and help influence the outcome in your area, email CPRE Bucks today on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Oxford - Milton Keynes - Cambridge corridor, key points in Bucks


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