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We value the Buckinghamshire countryside for its beauty, diversity and tranquillity. We want our countryside to be used and valued by everyone, and for people to be in tune with the environment and aware of their impact on it.

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Housing and planning

Good land-use planning is the unsung hero of environmental protection. Good planning can help slow the growth in road traffic, encourage urban regeneration, curb urban sprawl, protect the beauty and tranquillity of the countryside and safeguard wildlife habitats.

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How we travel and plan transport impacts on the environment and our quality of life. More roads can scar the landscape and the increase in flights is shattering tranquillity. We need to plan our transport that puts new housing, jobs, shops and services close to public transport or within easy walking or cycling distance.

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Farming and food

Farming isn't just about producing food, farmers help maintain the unique character of the English landscape with its hedgerows meadows, woods, and traditional barns. Buying locally produced food can help ensure a thriving future for farming.

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Energy and waste

Reliance on non-renewable energy sources and high levels of waste production are damaging the environment. We campaign for better energy efficiency, a reduction in overall consumption and sustainable waste management.

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