Branch Policies
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Date: Fri 15-Aug-2014, 13:51

Policy Guidance Notes

Download the latest Branch Policy on Solar Energy

How to respond to planning applications
Ref: 178

Date: Fri 15-Aug-2014, 13:45
Most significant developments in the United Kingdom require planning permission from a local planning authority. This process usually involves the submission of a planning application. As a member of the public, you are entitled to examine and comment on planning applications as they are made. This is your chance to press for planning decisions that work for the good of the environment and your local community.

How to shape where you live
Ref: 179

Date: Wed 13-Aug-2014, 23:52
Neighbourhood Plans provide a great opportunity for you to have more influence on how the places in which you live and work will change over time. Your local knowledge and sense of what needs to be protected and what needs to change can really make a difference. We’ve put together eight simple steps to take if you want to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan and involve the whole community to make sure it becomes formally adopted as part of the development plan for your community.

Planning Explained
Ref: 180

Date: Wed 13-Aug-2014, 23:39

England’s planning system shapes new development and the use of land all over the country with the aim of achieving outcomes that are positive for people, the economy and the environment. This guide will help you to get involved in the development of your Local Plan - a key component of the planning system which will be the main influence on how your area changes in the future.

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