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CPRE Bucks response to the Draft Plan:MK Consultation

Greenfield site at Wavendon proposed for development in the Draft Plan:MK Greenfield site at Wavendon proposed for development in the Draft Plan:MK Photo credit: © CPRE Bucks (Colin White)

6 June 2017

CPRE Bucks has submitted a response to the Draft Milton Keynes Local Plan (Plan:MK) consultation.

The Plan:MK consultation was open from 17 March to 9 June 2017. The key features outlined in the plan are as follows:

  • 26,500 new dwellings will be provided over the next 15 years - almost 20,000 have planning permission with 7,600 earmarked for development. The 7,600 new dwellings will comprise: 1,000 in the rural villages in line with neighbourhood plans; a 1,000-dwelling urban extension to the south east; around 5,000 within the city, and 600 at Eaton Leys.
  • Land is allocated for employment south of Caldecotte and job creation through development and growth and opportunities through the East-West Growth Corridor, linked to the expressway.
  • Land is identified east of the M1 for housing and jobs after 2031. This may come forward earlier once decisions on the new Oxford-Cambridge Expressway are made or should the Council be struggling to provide enough housing elsewhere in the Borough.
  • The plan will provide different types of dwellings including affordable, housing association and privately rented. 33% of the new housing proposed in the urban extensions will be affordable.
  • Open spaces should be protected and any new housing will have easy access to open areas and parkland.

CPRE Bucks is supportive of a significant number of policies as they are likely to have positive implications for the rural environment. However, CPRE Bucks objects to proposed allocations and strategic urban extensions at: Eaton Leys; South Caldecotte; south east of Milton Keynes and Milton Keynes East (east of the M1 motorway) due to likely significant detrimental impact on the landscape which forms part of the setting of Milton Keynes. CPRE Bucks also objects to the identification of the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway as part of two policies. Read our full response using the link below.

The next round of consultation for the submission plan is expected in late 2017 and through to early 2018. An examination is expected in the summer of 2018 and adoption in the autumn of 2018. It covers the period to 2031. Once adopted Plan:MK will replace the Core Strategy and the 2005 Milton Keynes Local Plan.

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