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Chesham High Street Chesham High Street Photo credit: Rachel Apps (Flickr)


If you are looking for help with a planning related query then please visit our Planning Help website.

Effective planning is now more important than ever: a drive for economic growth and an increasing population are leading to more development encroaching on the Buckinghamshire countryside.

Planning is fundamental to how we live and planning decisions affect us all.

Yet despite public consultations, local people often have very little input. We want planning to be fairer, more transparent, for communities to have proper input. Good planning can both protect the countryside and regenerate Buckinghamshire's towns and villages.

CPRE has a long record of campaigning on local and national planning issues. Protecting the countryside against damaging development is a core part of our work.

CPRE campaigns for:

  • An open and accessible planning system that encourages more communities to engage with the planning process.
  • A Government-led national land use strategy that includes the better protection and management of our land.
  • Strong and up to date local and neighbourhood plans that protect the intrinsic worth of the countryside as well as identify suitable locations for new housing.
  • Realistic housing targets that do not lead to damaging development on green field sites.
  • High-quality, well-designed, energy-efficient and appropriately located homes to meet local needs and enhance distinctiveness.
  • A fair appeals process to provide fully justified planning decisions.
  • A community right of appeal against speculative housing developments that run contrary to a prepared or finalised neighbourhood plan.

CPRE achievements:

  • Our Charter to Save the Countryside received more than 80,000 signatures and was submitted to the Prime Minister to show the strength of public concern for the countryside.
  • In 2012, CPRE’s advocacy helped secured positive policies in the national planning policy framework (NPPF) for Green Belts, light pollution and tranquillity.
  • In 1992, planning guidance incorporated the principle of sustainable development for the first time, in line with CPRE submissions.
  • In 1947 The Town and Country Planning Act achieved many of CPRE’s ambitions for planning and the countryside.
  • In 1935 The Restriction of Ribbon Development Act was passed after a long CPRE campaign.
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