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Nature and landscapes

Children enjoying the open fields in Hulton Park
Hulton Park

Feeling good about their surroundings is central to marinating a healthy lifestyle. We want to see that the countryside remains unspoilt and people are able to appreciate the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. While we recognise we have to deal with an increasing population, we do not think this must be at the expense of the countryside and the benefits it brings.

With damage already happening our longterm aim is to try and ensure we leave this beautiful county to future generations in a better state than we found it. This means working to:

  • Ensure people can reap the health and well-being benefits of the countryside
  • Improve the environment and tackle climate change
  • Ensure that development and growth is truly sustainable and reflects local needs
  • Promote sustainable farming practices that re in harmony with nature and the countryside
  • Maintain and improve the wonderful diversity of landscapes, flora and fauna.